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Pulickal Sankarodath Sree Nagayakshikkavu is a very ancient but less known centre of pilgrimage for the devotees of serpent gods. It is located at Kavilpadu Village near Olavakkode Junction in Palakkad District. This  powerful Nagayakshi Temple is nestled in a forest glade, like most snake temples in Kerala, hence the name "Kavu'. 
NagaYakshi Amma in this Pulickal temple is in "swaymbhu avatar" and has been blessing devotees who have been flocking this place since long. This temple is famous for its representation of Nagas in the Brahmana, Krishna, Kaliya and Agama format. In the main sanctum Sree Naga Yakhi Amma, Sree Naga Raja and Sree SarpaYakshi Amma are worshipped with equal importance. It is believed that the great saint Kashypa,considered as the forefather of serpents, had been at this place for penance and he had attained 'samadhi' by leaving his life energy and spiritual energy onto the serpent idol in the 'machakam' or 'nilavara' of this ancestral home. So Saint Kashyapa is also worshipped as the 'Naga Muthachan' here. Also Naga Chamundi, Naga Kanyaka and Bhadrakali are worshipped with seperate Poojas for each deity.


Pulickal Tharavadu or ancestral home is a famed Nair Tharavadu. There was a couple in the tharavadu who did not have any child after marriage. Kamakshiamma went to an ashram that was established by Parushurama Guru. With the persistence of the guru, Kamakshiamma started Naga pooja in the ancestral home.Kamakshiamma was an ardent devotee and she started praying to Naga by considering it as her child. Her devotion led to the arrival of Golden Nagam (Suvarnna Nagam).Kamakshiamma was blessed with a daughter in her old age and Kamakshiamma named her as Amminiamma. 

Amminiamma was also an ardent devotee of Snake god and started worshipping Naga yakshi.The worship rituals were reduced after her marriage and she gave birth to daughter named Thankamaniamma.Out of childhood pranks,Thankamaniamma happened to kill a Suvarnna Nagam which had appeared in their home. That incident made the Nagas angry and they cursed the land and home of Pulickal. Thankamaniamma was also not spared and she was cursed with Chithradaran Naga Sapam. Her children had a troubled childhood with lot of illness and other mental and physical troubles and her progenies were cursed with untimely death early in life. After losing her four sons to death, she made a vow that if atleast one boy child was born in the family blessed with a long life, she would dedicate him to the Naga Muthachan of the Machakam as his follower. She also decided to restart the serpent worship rituals in the ancestral home as done by the forefathers.