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IQRA SPA may sound exotic but its meaning is simple... a place where life is always a beautiful and rejuvenating spa experience.

Spa Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily, including Public Holidays)


A Luxury SPA


This is an exquisite collection of some of the best and most highly-prized age-management facial and body therapies in Singapore. These treatments help to reverse the effects of time for you to look and feel younger for your age. Best of all, the visible results are achieved naturally without any cosmetic surgery.

No Surgical Facial Lifts or Botox Injections
Now you can experience the new, high-performance microdermabrasion for superb natural results. This “superpeel” facial is performed by our experienced therapists with the latest technology from Europe in Singapore at ESTHEVA Spa. Hence, who needs surgical facial lifts or botox injections when you can indulge in these luxurious peels for natural and unmatched long-term results. What’s more, the revealing results are visible even after the first session.


Top-To-Toe Body Care in Singapore
Luxury and Indulgence in Caring For Your Body
Experience luxury and sheer indulgence in caring for your body in Singapore with ESTHEVA’s exclusive and wide array of exotic body care and wellness spa treatments. It can be a luxurious scrub, a wondrous wrap, an aromatic soak or more. Whether it is for the whole body from top-to-toe or just the hands and feet. You can also choose, according to your needs, to beautify, rejuvenate, luxuriate or detoxify the body. Whatever it is, it will be one of the best top-to-toe body care you can ever experience in Singapore.

Delivering Body Results That Every Woman Desires
There is even an award-winning chocolate-inspired body treatment that is highly popular with both our local and expatriate clients. 


Exclusive Facials Coveted By Those In The Know
As a luxury facial spa in Singapore, our exclusive high-performing and personalised facial services are coveted as some of the best facials by those in the know. Many prestigious beauty and spa magazines, locally and internationally had also regularly featured and recommended them. This is because these proprietary facials deliver top esthetics skin and yet excellent natural and long-term beauty results. The type of skincare results that every woman desires.

Serving Our Clients with Beauty Results of Distinction
We are indeed grateful for the privilege to dedicatedly serve a wide spectrum of clients of various age-groups and demographics, with varying skin and beauty needs and problems. And not to mention, international celebrities and royal family members. .